In this issue of comPETence ONE:17, we shine a light on technology, environment, markets and consumers in relation to packaging for food, non-food, household, cosmetics and personal care products. This is an area in which various materials and technologies - including thermoforming, extrusion blow moulding, injection moulding and stretch blow moulding in single- and two-stage processes - not only coexist, but are also in direct competition. The barrier properties of packaging are often crucial in this sector, with multilayer sheets, multilayer preforms and coatings all serving important functions. It is a complex topic - especially in the context of recycling or the new circular economy.




The aim of this design process is to create the optimal shape of the product by taking into account technical, economic and human factors. For this purpose, a vision is necessary in order to present the project in image and text. Implementation of the vision takes place in four phases: analysis, ideation, concept and development. It does not matter what kind of design is involved: whether for consumer goods, machines or packaging, the design process always remains the same. And it runs “iteratively”, so to speak, in loops, in which the sequences repeat themselves at regular intervals. So you can react quickly and with little effort in the event of changes. At the end of each loop, the project team and the client meet to discuss the design in what is called a “review”.



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